15 juin 2008

Mangez les emos...

It has been a very eventful weekend, shouldn't really type much since management exam is tuesday and haven't studied yet, whoops? haha I really hope i can somewhat bluff this one and to pass :), credit would be good but pass is satisfactory.

Photographies du week-end :
Caught the 11:30am train with Chii shi & Joy to attend the Melbourne Big Freeze on Bourke St Mall (also bumped into James). The freeze was fun but also COLD as! Damn 14 degrees... with everyone keeping close watch of the time, eventually Bourke St Mall became still. I was shivering a little cause it was so damn cold, Joy was shaking alot haha, too bad we're not on the clip D:.
But we were next to the tram which was blocked by group of frozen people, you could hear the mass dinging in the clip. I want to do this againnnnn...

After the Freeze, there happened to be a Zombie walk event occuring. There were so many, atleast a hundred and it was so funny! So we tagged along to enjoy the walk :D!

"What do we want?! ...BRAINS...
When do we want it?! ...BRAINS..."

What was really funny was the emos sitting on corner of Flinders & Swanston st. On the church steps.. seriously what kind of emos are they? Go back home and have a slit-wrist party or something. Anyway, people actually thought the emos were part of the zombies walk HAH! and the zombies started screaming out "Eat the Emos........"

Joy losing her brains, Sharing popcorn with old school movie Zombie
Zombie couple (one of the best ideas)

Déjeuner à Brunetti

Realising afterwards that we haven't had anything to eat for the day. I took Chii and Joy to Brunetti's on Flinders Lane. Costed $12 for a tart, chai latte & cappucino which is reasonable cause the tart was délicieux :D

Lemon tart with dark chocolate flakes

Went to MAXIM's bakery in Chinatown to get Kien a cake. Mango fruit pudding cake! The cake was so light, I ate a few slices ... *blushes*.
Karaoke was at Kbox, where we sheltered from the wet, cold weather. 3pm till 8pm, 5 hours of singing was just nuts. Dedicated endless songs to Kien, my voice going dead and I think he loved it. Then off to Allan's house for late night BBQ woot, my stomach was screammming for food! The night was fun, aslong as food & alcohol are provided.. mingling comes naturally.

More photos on Joy Kao's facebook

Morning after, the Sunday. Couldn't remember the in betweens except for spewing in the toilet for a long time... Noon arrived, we got fungry and continued the bbq :)

3:24AM 16/05/08 Status: still haven't touched revision yet.. sacré bleu!
too tired to cram at this time... I'm going to sleep

4 commentaires:

RUTH a dit…

that lemon tart looks so nice :)

Ritzy a dit…

wow so eventful!!
ZOMG!! i was in the city that day.. AHHH. how could i forget the big FREEZE =.='

noticed random zombies too lol

quinny-kin a dit…

awwww i wished i knew about it on the day! heheh would've gone into city just for it >w<

and i can't believe i missed the zombies too. damned exams.

Indi a dit…

yummy... where's the brunetti on flinders lane? think i have to visit some time :)