21 juil. 2008

a picture tells a thousand words...

here's is 41,000 words... to make up for the missing 1 month
i'm sorry for neglecting you baby

--click on photo to enlarge--

our trip to mt buller

enjoyed our limited snow

with "moderate" alcohol consumption.. oh brianxmrcow ;9

our trip to rye

nice house with an awesome family

with lots and lots of alcohol..
as result..

nice day for Allan & Joy's BBBQ (Birthday Barbeque)

Vietnamese Iron Chef Vo with his bbq specialty & his team

Birthday Girl & Boy

happy customers

and dead ones ..

café bumming

photowhore'ing here and there..

we <3 andrew "leng jai" hsieh

random karaoke'ing

Allan's 20th House Partyyyyy

reunion of old friends

making the new

enjoying the friendship

loving life

6 commentaires:

used car loan a dit…

very awsome.

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Feng a dit…

Damn my gullible nature... I honestly believed you wrote '41,000' words and even mentally prepared myself for it... :/

ah well! Finally, update de aruuuuuu! I'm sure your blog missed you very much:)

Ritzy a dit…

awesome shots!! (photo shots) =P

nat a dit…

hey there was more snow than i imagined!

Anonyme a dit…

You know, sometimes the picture posts are more entertaining then a block of words :D

I like this post

Macarons :(

quinny-kin a dit…

thanks so much peter! I just caught up with what you all did in the last fews months from those awesome pics! looks like so much fun :D

hehehehe i'm so jealous now >w< keep on loving life buddy and keep posting pics up! <3