4 sept. 2009

macarons me donnent envie de dormir

Stayed up till morning making macarons..
but I can't believe I forgot to take photos before deplenishing them.

REALLY SAD FACE... almost as sad as this mermahuataur!

6 commentaires:

Ritzy a dit…

such dedication to macarons!

lol just read your blog side bar.. nice links of blogs to read =P

Indi a dit…

booo... make some more! haha
when's your counselling session? come visit me!

RUTH a dit…

what is this thing?!

Peter a dit…

I think it's a... whale/mermaid/centaur with a horn? hahahahaa!!

quinny-kin a dit…

Please sir, Could I have some more posts please?

Quan a dit…

are you majoring in Culinary?! you always making sweets! too bad you forgot to capture the process. tsk tsk... the process is just as important as the result.