14 mai 2008

Is this a band meeting?

i am now ranked Latte :)
And what I mean is that my milk is good enough for latte standards now. I shall tackle cappucinos tomorrow. Finally got the frothing right, yay!

Egg tarts

Egg tarts from Breadtop. Not the best place to get it but atleast, it still tasted like one. This shop kinds of exists everywhere, so it's quite convinient for some nibble on some sweet/savoury pastry. In my opinion, Springvale has some really good tarts if you know where to find them ;). The pastry wasn't thick enough or I think it was cooked for too long as my tart would crumble before my mouth gets to it. :(

Look more enthusiastic Michael, you're on camera!

Saturday the 10th, was little TJ's birthday. Another gathering at Michael's house with bunch of '07 and '06 glennies along with other(manifest and such). Some girl had a funny comment "Is this like a violin party because it is quite lame".. I concur, only reason is because EVERYONE, like literally almost EVERYONE had some musical instrument in their hand, may it be guitars or violins or a drumania drumset. Everyone, its time to gather around the camp fire and sing-a-longs! Other than that, it was an enjoyable night. Thanks Tj, Bye!

I think a new item is added to the banlist from house parties.
1/ Tekken 5 (or games that aren't multiplayer)
2/ Mahjong (only at Lyns, haha)
3/ Musical Instruments unless the birthday kid requests you to play

I like to add, Jigglypuff is now one of my favourite characters in SuperSmashBros. Brawl on Wii!!

Une gâteau de mangue

Michael Tjong's birthday cake was also from Breadtop. Haha, alot of Breadtop? No, I did not buy any of these products today. Try to cut this cake into ... 20 something pieces! GOOD LUCK!! It was messy and wasn't attractive... yeah. The bits of mango fruit between the layers with the cream was just about right, not too sweet :). I don't... know what the cake is wrapped with though. Looks like a thin sheet of crépe. We also had "green tea" roll sponge cake due to realising how thin the porportions of cake each people had.

Fact: Breadtop now has 11 franchises all over Melbourne and some in Sydney. Guess what, they're all in asian places. Haha, kind of expected, n'est-ce pas?

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Feng a dit…

it's hard to comment with on screen keyboard!! So bear with me... TwT

Pokemon trainer > Jigglypuff...

I'm not a big fan of breadtop... I can taste the overlet in their products........... but I'll eat if I have to ;)

Yay, Peter leveled up!:D

Ritzy a dit…

ohla bread top had eggtarts!!
i like egg tarts..
will get after uni....

lol..city ..everything is here =]

[side note: sushi train was $20 for me]

nat a dit…

ahh i can't handle the sweetness of breadtop.

quinny-kin a dit…

I have found a new love for egg tarts that you can eat at yum cha. lately i've been eating it more often, well more often than i have in the past and i really like it :] so when you've made some nice egg tarts save me one please?

quinny-kin a dit…

thanks fugu! i 'preciate it :] I'm bored at the moment. I should be studying but i want a new profile picture! i'm going to go dress up and photo spam now! hehe.

i did not know you liked jazz! i knew you liked classical since you played a few piano pieces. My sister is teaching me how to play fur elise and i'm trying really hard but i didn't realise how fumbly i am hehe. oh yes i like jazz too! i'm more in love with the deep throaty jazz with lots of personality and swing with a hint of romance! actually i especially love romantic jazz! oh there's a jazz performance at monash university soon, would you like to go with me? If you would i'll give you details. it's very cheap for monash students, only $15.

quinny-kin a dit…

welll~ what to post now. :]

firstly) "also would you like to try out a chocolate tart with dark chocolate cream topped with strawberries someday?" sounds good! set a date and time :] but that someday sounds oddly...non-committal~ but no biggy. I shall hold you to your cake word ma ami~
sidenote: I have revoked my love affair with the French language after rewatching Amelie! Was flipping through my old french book, so nostalgic. owo

secondly) "Ooo a jazz performance? is it like in a small little bar place" nope :] it's actually at the Robert blackwood hall. more details here http://www.monash.edu.au/monart/whatson/2008/austjazz.html

thirdly) there is something I am desperate to go to this thursday! it is to watch The flight of the red balloon
showing at CINEMA NOVA in the city at 6:30pm
i'm not sure if you work then or not, but if we go we'd need to drive and i'd have to depend on you since I fail at city cruising. but with my kind of life it'll have to be one or the other, i tried to get my friends to this movie but the fear of exams made them all turn me down. I just feel a teeny bit rebellious ~<3

fourthly: "am rethinking about University..." oui oui, i understand. I have those exact same thoughts too. it'll take me another 3.5 years to be registered plus if i fail it'll be much much longer. I realised with pharm i'm required to study alot more than other courses. but so be it. we'll work through these years pierre and look back and laugh sadly on the carefree days of uni life. :D

let us chat in real life on a fine day.

quinny-kin a dit…

*pat pat* it's ok. we'll both eat cake together one day. dw about the movie thing since i kinda had a feeling not many ppl would be able to make it. have fun!

Indi a dit…

mmm the mango cake looks yummy... i have a feeling i had it for my yr 10 birthday party haha. write a new blog peter!