10 mai 2008

Why the pants?

Ah mah god.. No way.. Your kidding ?! (Joy, don't worry, I didn't publicize your e-mail.. you won't have anymore strangers adding you haha)

Okay, for people who wonder why the "no pants Peter" name, some of my friends would know because they gave me this name..It really has happened.. Yes, the situation of me with no pants on. Kind of はずかし but funny. A side story none the less.

--a bit of reminiscing, i'll make it short i promise--
Kristin's 17th Birthday? I took over early in one of David's game of pool (8 ball) against Ken. There's a rule where if you lose without sinking any balls, you run with your pants (or whatever you are wearing down there) down, around the pool table. & yeah, that's where this name derived from. Oh I think David has photos of it too. --Wait-- ... I think Kristin was tipsy when she gave me that name?! Or was that "Dirty Dirty Peter" which was due to your trampoline!!! Ahoy peg-leg Alan and Kristin the deck scrubber!!
--oh, how short was that story!--

Apple & Persimon salad
Have you had your 5 to 8 servings of fruits & vegies today?

I'm not a vegetarian but I do prefer fruits & vegies over meat nowadays. Trying to get my family to follow and eat healthier is quite difficult when you have: a
father who loves their meat, a sister who eats either junk or randomly. But yay for mum to putting more effort into dieting again! --i owe her a pair of new jeans in summer-- I guess, there's no point in discriminating.

Food is food. Life is short, so enjoy it :)!
Although, the more white hairs sprouting out of your head, the more health cautious you get..

Orange tea cake from Laurent Boulangerie Patisserie
I can't stop at slice no.1..

Ma mère walked through the door with a nice looking package. I think ever since I introduce Laruent Patisserie to my sister and mother, they only seem to buy cakes from there now... although the cakes are very good, stop spending money there, it's too expensive!

NOT! That'll never be a good enough reason, haha!

This was only $10-ish anyway, so it was quite cheap.. which came as a surprise.

I love dining at Laurent Patisserie! It's so relaxing and classy for a boulangerie-pâtisserie in Melbourne. It's probably so far, my favourite place to have a slice of heaven every now and then. It's pricey for small servings of cake, but worth every extra gold coins. Maybe food taste alot better when you pay cost more. Probably not in all scenarios. And it's interesting how Laurent has only positioned themselves in wealthy suburbs.

I noticed whilst serving it for David and Lyn who came to visit, that the orange tea cake was quite dry and brittle. So much crumbling while slicing the cake :(. Other than that, the orange flavour with chocolate chip in the cake was delicious, proven by the fact that I had several slices and Lyn couldn't resist nibling on some more. I would usually hesitate when it comes weird flavoured cakes.. Time to find new cakes to try then.


3 commentaires:

nat a dit…

that orange tea cake is to die for! and hey it must be good if i'm giving it high praise and there's no chocolate involved!

i think you're meant to pick at the whole thing instead of slicing it cause when we ate it we just pulled it apart!

catch up soon please :)

Anonyme a dit…

I always seem to say the wrong things at weird moments...and when it gets taken out of context I sound quite perverted DX

I just got 4kg of Persimon today :D I might have some later since I saw that pic *drools*

Orange tea cake sounds interesting...I've only had tea cake before :o might try it some time.

..I feel like chocolate now

Feng a dit…

ooh I've had Orange Tea Cake too~ Hmmmmmm Laurent used to better than it is currently... not saying it's not good now!!

Tanners@Syndal > Laurent, for some cakes(e.g. Strawberries & Cream pavlova and Orange Cake) but Laurent > Tanners in setting, bread, coffee... >w>

But seriously. Try the Strawberry & Cream Pavlova at Tanners!